Thursday, December 1, 2011

Future Tense

After Tuesday's video, I realized that there are quite a few futuristic/dystopian novels that I wanted to talk about that weren't covered.  Here they are.

Jenna Fox doesn't remember the accident that put her in a coma a year ago.  She doesn't even remember that Jenna is her name.  Upon waking up a year after a horrific car accident, Jenna has to re-learn to do even the simplest of tasks.  There's something not-so-simple about the way her parents act around her, though.  This fascinating book explores the right to make decisions about our own bodies and what it means to be human.

When an asteroid hits the moon, knocking it slightly closer to the earth, everything changes.  The power stops working consistently before stopping altogether.  Food riots begin.  Gas lines grow longer and longer before they, too, stop.  The weather goes crazy.  In the midst of it all, Miranda is just trying to be a normal teenager.  
I started reading this book late last summer.  About two days after I started, my town had its first earthquake in a long time.  I put the book away until I was about to leave for school.  We then had our first hurricane in years.  I was pretty freaked out!

In a world where entertainment is literally injected, Spaz is one of the few who sees the world as it really is.  When he meets Ryter, the old man who remembers things as they once were, Spaz begins to learn the history everyone else has forgotten.  He and Ryter embark on a quest to save his sister and, if they're lucky, the world.

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