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Review and Giveaway: Roomies

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The countdown to college has begun.

When Elizabeth receives her freshman-year roommate assignment at the beginning of summer, she shoots off an email to coordinate the basics: TV, microwave, mini-fridge. She can't wait to escape her New Jersey beach town, and her mom, and start life over in California.

The first note to Lauren in San Francisco comes as a surprise; she had requested a single. But if Lauren's learned anything from being the oldest of six, it's that you can't always get what you want, especially when what you want is privacy.

Soon the girls are emailing back and forth, sharing secrets even though they've never met. With family relationships and childhood friendships strained by change, it suddenly seems that the only people Elizabeth and Lauren can rely on are the complicated new boys in their lives...and each other.

With humor and heart, Sara Zarr, National Book Award finalist for Story of a Girl, and Tara Altebrando, acclaimed author of The Pursuit of Happiness, join forces for a novel about that time after high school, when everything feels like it's ending just as it's beginning.
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My Roomies story:

I was beyond lucky during my freshman year of college to be paired with Sathvy. We had never met before, hadn't requested each other, just filled out the general survey and got paired about three weeks before move-in day. Throughout the year, we began to tell each other everything, providing support and cheering each other up. Sathvy had pretty atrocious luck with men that year, and I remember sitting on our beds talking until 5 AM, briefly getting up to hug in the middle of the room. 

We didn't always act like a Lifetime movie, and we frequently goofed off like only two girls in their first year away from overly protective parents can. From being woken up at midnight on my birthday with a piece of cake to the face to Sathvy's welcome attempts to dress me for dates to me demonstrating the - er - toothpaste scene from Looking for Alaska, it was a great first year. Similarly to how I react now to Erich's serial snooze button-pressing, I spent a good deal of that year working on my throw by pitching all my pillows across the room at her in the morning. 

I love that Roomies portrays all the trials and tribulations and love-hate fun of a roommate, and I think you will, too. 

The Contest Deets:

So here's the über awesome bit. I'm giving away a copy of this book for you to read and maybe even share with your roommate! All you have to do is tell me your Roomies story and share this post. You have four chances to win. 
-First, you can comment directly on this post with your story. 
-Second, you can tweet a link to this post and tag me in it (@amandasternklar). 
-Third, you can share a link to this review on Facebook and e-mail me a screenshot as proof (amanda(dot)sternklar(at)gmail(dot)com). 
-Fourth, you can go to this blog's tumblr ( and reblog the post to your blog (no giveaway blogs). You get two entries for the price of one if you add your own Roomies story to the post. 

Each of these actions count as one entry. On January 20, I'll pick a winner with a random number generator to receive the book! Check back here on January 20th to find out the winner. 

Contest Rules:

-Must be a US resident to win (though you're more than welcome to share the review if you aren't, you just can't win)
-Must be willing/able to provide me with your address
-Contest runs until January 20th, 1 PM EST. I will announce the winner at 5 PM EST. The winner has 48 hours to contact me before I pick a new winner. 

Best of luck!

Additional Fun - The Book Tour:

Isn't it cool when you can meet the authors and bring them chocolate and juiceboxes? Check out these Roomies book tour dates!
Get out to the tour and get posting! 

Until next time, happy reading! 

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